How to select a silk scarf for the day

If you are a working woman you may find yourself feeling completely overwhelmed standing up in front of your closet in the morning trying to decide what to wear. Regardless wether you need to pack for a short trip or just a busy workday, it can be quite difficult choosing what to wear every morning.

For me the question is not only what to wear, but rather what picture of me do I want to portray today? Do I want to look confident, or full of energy, or is today the day to feel ‘a-la leger’ and relaxed?

 You probably have your own colour palette that you enjoy wearing all year round. You may have a preferred colour for the summer or for special holidays. Wearing the same colour palette everyday may be boring and uninspiring, and won’t energize you the same way something more interesting would. 

 Make a new day about yourself, a NEW ME. Imagine that you have 10 new silk scarves added to your classic, modern, elegant YOU wardrobe. Choose a specific silk scarf on a specific day and you will look and feel fantastic. Even if you are not a scarf person, you can use a purse scarf, belt scarf, or a hand scarf and you will notice an instant impact. 

 Let me give you a few examples of a NEW ME and how to select a silk scarf:

  • Important client meeting – You want to portray an outstanding elegance, uniqueness, and self-confidence. Add a beige or yellow abstract silk scarf to your black/gray and white outfit. 
  • Important decision meeting – You want to portray energy, decisiveness, leadership, power. A silk scarf with a strong colour like dark or light red, or a pink with a touch of blue will be perfect for your outfit for the day.
  • Financial budget discussions - A calm, neutral looking scarf is crucial, and a green based silk scarf portrays just that! Darker greens represent stability, safety and affluence, and lighter greens represents balance, harmony and hope. To look more relaxed and come across as warm, a scarf with teal and a bit of yellow or gold is your best bet. 
  • Evening with friends – An abstract silk scarf with dominant blue colour and a combination of light green, pink, or an orange colour will make you look younger, more successful and secure. 

Ready to look into some options that may work for you? 

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